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CARUMA® [Carob powder for human food] is a natural ingredient for human food. It consists in flour obtained from carob pulp and has a unique flavour that enhances the aroma and taste of the final preparation.
Properties :
  • CARUMA® Lower cholesterol.
  • CARUMA® acts as an antioxidant.
  • CARUMA® It can treat adults and children diarrhea. It is often used in preparations in the treatment of diarrhea and as a thickening agent in the food of children suffering from gastro-esophagus reflux.
    In 2002 a study at POTSDAM UNIVERSITY in GERMANY showed that carob powder could reduce L D L cholesterol in men and women within six weeks.
  • CARUMA® Low in sodium.
  • CARUMA® no caffeine .
  • CARUMA® Carob tannin contains gall acid.
Use :
  • A substitute for cocoa
  • In chocolate
  • In ice-creams and yoghourts
  • In confectionery
  • In pastry
  • In roasted coffee
  • In infusions
  • In the tobacco industry
  • As natural aroma and colouring
  • In pharmaceutical industry...